Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market

“The food movement is also about community, identity, pleasure and, most notably about carving out a new social and economic space removed from the influence of big corporations on the one side, and the government on the other…

One can get a taste of this social space simply by hanging around the farmers market, an activity that a great many people enjoy today regardless of whether they’re in the market for a bunch of carrots or a head of lettuce…there is a lot more going on in them than the exchange of money for food…

Someone is playing music, children are everywhere, sampling fresh produce, talking to farmers. Friends and acquaintances stop to chat. One sociologist calculated that people have ten times as many conversations at the farmers’ market than they do in the supermarket. Socially as well as sensually, the farmers’ market offers a rich and appealing environment.” Unknown source

Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market is Kingston’s new social space – get on the scene!

May 20th Spencer Evans, children’s activities, farm display. Coffee and Hungry Farmer cookies by Main Street Market.  Also on our table:

  • bread made with local flours (spelt, pumpernickel, peasant rye, curry)
  • garlic greens
  • preserves and dried herbs / spices
  • seedlings (basil, toms, oregano, sage, thyme, parsley)

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