My First Farm Day with Main Street Market – from Natalie Sprackman’s Journal Entry 1

Today, I had my first real farm day. We went out Sydenham Road to work at our extension market garden at Limestone Creamery. The Mission of the day was to transplant tomatoes and plant onions. It was incredibly hot and I was unprepared for the work that laid ahead – the work of a “real urban farmer”.

After we had our lunch, we began to work in the blaring sun. I should explain that I was philosophically attracted to the notion of urban farming not the real work. I realized this as the sun burned my back and I dug holes in dirt, filled them with water and then transplanted the tomatoes, I had never associated this much work with the tomatoes I happily cut up and placed in my salads. As my shoulders began to sink and sentiment of defeat by the earth began to arise within myself, Clair, our woofer from France was transplanting the tomatoes non-stop and paid no mind to the hard dirt or the hot sun.  This left me to wonder why anyone would want to do this so I asked the farmer Frances (the owner of Limestone Creamery) if he enjoyed farming. He replied with a smile and a chuckle that he enjoyed it as long as the tractor didn’t break down. I shrugged and assumed it was a farmer’s thing.  Once we had finished our chat with farmer Frances, Tim hurried back to work, excited as ever to get his hands dirty and get things growing. As I watched him, I wondered what I had gotten myself into…

After a couple of hours of misery, constant breaks and questioning why I ever decided to farm my own food when I could easily go to my local Metro and buy some tomatoes. I began to feel giddy, the tasks became easier and all my doubting began to go away. I started to feel some sort of peace in my work as I gained confidence in my skills. Once the day was over, my perseverance paid off — two rows of tomatoes transplanted and two beds of onions planted.  I understood the satisfaction of hard day’s work and decided to see how the rest of the week would go.