The Local Organic Crowd – Natalie Sprackman’s Journal Entry 3

I love the local organic food crowd – the earth crew. They are so accepting, full of life and always looking to learn and improve in a manner that is supportive and encouraging to everyone’s success. Last Monday, the Main St. Market team attended a garlic workshop held by Forest Farms (famous for their award winning garlic). Forest Farms shared a wealth of knowledge about the production and sale of garlic that turned out to be very helpful as garlic season is upon us. Everyone asked thoughtful questions and radiated a great energy that led to lively and fun discussion at the potluck lunch. If you have never been to a farmer’s potluck, I highly suggest it. The majority of the food was fresh salad made with all local ingredients from each of the farms, and bread made from locally grown and milled grains.  After all the lovely food, the interns had a chance to get together and discuss the trials and tribulations alongside the joys of working on a farm – this discussion created so many great connections and opportunities for future farming adventures and education. My lesson learned and ready to be shared is connect with the local organic farmers – they are happy and friendly people who are full of great information from life lessons to garlic husking.