Nature is Food for the Soul – Natalie Sprackman’s Journal Entry 5

Nothing is better than a summer day at Oak St. Community garden; this beautiful description by Richard Jefferies inspired me to write about my own experience in nature.

I walk among the trees; a cloud passes, and the sweet short rain comes mingled with sunbeams and flower scented air. Beautiful it is, in summer days, to see the wheat wave, and the long grass foam – flecked of flower yield and return to the wind. My soul of itself always desires; these are to it as fresh food.” (Story of my heart, pg. 145).

In the garden all your senses come alive filled with smells and colours of nature – the food I eat is grown from its ground, the smell of rain excites me that our fields will be green, and bugs crawling, buzzing and jumping from plant to plant annoy me yet remind me there is more to life than myself. The dandelions tops can be seen by the hundreds lull back forth to the wind and lull my own mind into land of calm thought. The plush clouds in sky slowly moving and transforming let my mind start to dream. I can close my eyes with my head in the grass and the rough bumpy earth on my back and feel at peace. What I am realizing is that nature offers a reciprocal love and that loves come in the form of nourishment of the soul.  My experience is similar to Jefferies; in all these things I find my peace. Let me continue to describe my summer days to show you how I have received this blissful state.

The heat of the sun hits my skin and wraps me in warmth that makes me smile with the comfort of a mother’s love.  In this loving heat, I work till it becomes too strong. I then take my midday nap under my favourite tree and am relieved by the cool breeze. I awake to kids running in the field, playing with garlic scapes and learning the words of sage and thyme, which scents fill the air. Fun and love is grown in this garden from the people who tend to it to the plants that bloom. The happy friendships I make flourish in the garden to the backdrop of the clear blue sky and green grass. We weed together to allow our food to grow, with giggles and laughter brought on by something deeper in the air. Day by day our vegetables grow alongside us, our relationships and our love for nature.