life at the Mmm Centre of Kingston

Greg Burliuk found us at the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market, where¬†The Farmers You Meet Grow the Food You Eat! In his article he recognized the market as the Mmm Centre of Kingston because of the many great tastes available. We love being there every week because we get to bring our produce to a market where 100% of the vendors are 100% producers from well within a 100km radius, who grow, make and bake what they sell. The diversity is a thrill. While getting your bike repaired at Yellow Bike you can stock up on soap and beeswax candles, grab some funky clothing or furniture. Then there’s all the seedlings, sauces and surprise items too. Plus saying hi to your neighbours, meeting new folks, hitting the pool and splashpad, walking the dog and stopping to smell the flowers at the Pollinator Garden. And we haven’t even gotten to the food: fresh harvested produce, ready to eat hot food and baked goods. Why am I typing? Read Greg’s article (thanks Greg).Mmm centre _ORIGINAL