December digging & year-round farming.

This year of extended warmth has handily coincided with our extension to year-round farm produce sales.


Founded in 2011 as a Kingston destination for local farm produce procurement, Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market (MCFM) is now open year-round. After a 2 week break, the market opens January 10th 2016 at Princess St United Church hall. The Winter market will operate Jan-April 10am-2pm, dovetailing with the existing May-December market days. As usual, you’ll find Main Street Market there every week.

Unknown to the Farmers’ Market Association of Kingston board (which operates MCFM), winter weather was to hold off until the end of December this year, allowing farmers an extra window to conduct outdoor chores and harvests in preparation for the January re-opening. And, it has helped us demonstrate what farmers have always known: farming is a year-round, not seasonal, occupation.

Watch the clip to see more of how Main Street Market has been using the warmth to our eaters’ advantage. And, visit us at MCFM at 484 Albert Street.