How I Became a Farmer


I was a boy visiting a farm in Devon England. Farmer David left me in the silage pit with a tractor and a heap of submerged manure. My job was to move it out. Responsibility grew to inspiration in me, as I shifted the muck.

I didn’t know at the time I wanted to be a farmer. In that moment, desire grew from experience, until, when finally given choice of occupation at age 33, I jumped in. I borrowed land and got to work building soil. I rock-picked, roto-tilled and reduced my income expectations. I became an agronomist-nutritionist-urban-farmer.

Seven years, 3 children, and a pocketful of dreams later, I co-run a Community Shared Agriculture and farmers’ market farm, feeding people and offering nutrition and agri-education. From childhood inspiration to present-day occupation. There’s no end in sight, but I’ll sleep well tonight thanks to fresh air, hard work, and the promise of reciprocal care from an earth which has goodness to share.