2017 CSA signup Blitz

This week of February has become a North America wide gear up to #CSAday veggie basket sales. We’ve got 99% of our Spring preparation done already

  • Field work in Fall 
  • Desk work in December 
  • January seed and equipment ordering 
  • February finding staff and scheduling 

Now we need EATERS. Yes! 

The best part of farming, arguably (besides working outdoors, rejoicing in weather, excellent exercise, and the thrill of risk and adventure), is EATing. 

That’s where you join us. (We hope.) By EATing along with us you join the effort to make our urban farm a go. Your membership in our Community Shared Agriculture weekly produce basket program gets you into a unique relationship with your farmer


the urban land we farm

Connecting with your food by pledging to pay for it up front guarantees you a share in the Freshest Food from our harvest, uniquely delivered to you by BICYCLE. 

Your membership involves you in 

  • Caring for several swathes of soil in the city of Kingston (LOCAL LANDSCAPE)
  • Educating new farmers (LOCAL KNOWLEDGE)
  • Providing employment in Kingston (LOCAL ECONOMY)
  • Increasing Kingston food sovereignty by reducing dependence on imports
  • Reducing food miles, emissions, lost freshness & nutrition, urban truck traffic noise and congestion (LOCAL LIVABILITY)
  • Saving your money (because produce in our baskets costs less than our items do at shops or market)
  • Saving your time (traipsing through the produce aisles looking for organics)

Join us in the best of farming -EAT with us!