2020 Vision

There‚Äôs softly blowing snow at the window as I write. Yet, Winter share season is almost over. The light is coming back! Longer days mean plants will soon spring into life. We want to keep sharing the fruit which grows on the urban farm plants with you. And, I want to share two stories from the field which excite us.

A CSA member let me know last year that they’d discovered that vegetables in recipes – especially curries, stews, soups and so on – can be readily substituted. That’s right! Though a recipe calls for one item, you can put another in and maintain the same flavour and texture profile. Such revelation brings a whole new world of local eating. Substitution means we can depend on the harvest from nearby farms, and still eat the same dishes even though yields vary by season.

Working in the field over many weeks, a helper became aware of two significant things: they didn’t melt in rain, and being dirty did them good. Not everyone is accustomed to working outdoors. For most farmers, outdoor work happens in any weather. For those who work with us, a sudden rainfall begs the question, “Even today?” Yes, we work in all weather, and there is clothing and strategy to help you stay comfortable, adjust your comfort expectations, and get to your next thing dry and ready. The second awareness was that contact with the soil increased well being. True. Evidence demonstrates improvements in mood and overall well-being from contact with the earth below our feet.

In 2020 we want to see and hear more of these stories. We envision more people with mental, physical, dietary and social challenges joining us to bust barriers down by involvement in agriculture. We imagine all the land can offer us. We stand grateful. We imagine the relationships which will grow, with crops and people. And we look forward to the creative energy which will emerge from it all.

We invite you to discover our urban farm. Give us a call, come out and visit. Buy a veggie share and eat along with us. Improve your quality of life, the earth under your feet, and the quality of our community. Get involved with Main Street Urban Farm.