Kingston Life calls urban farmer Tim the “Fresh-Food Aficionado”

Profile Kingston features Tim as a leader in the community. Contact them for back issue of March 18th 2015

Ethnocultural garden interview on COGEGO with Immigrant Services Kingston & Area

Greg Burluik reviews us at Memorial Centre Farmers’ market


Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market on CKWS

CKWS’ Stephanie brings the Web-Cruiser by to find out why we are proud to be part of Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market, helping resolve the Williamsville food desert by giving residents a place to buy fresh food; and building strengthening our local food system by giving local farmers a place to vend.

Main Street Market at Queens Farmers’ Market on COGEGO’s K-Town Source

Organic Pest Control Workshop in the Whig-Standard

Page 8 Whig Standard writer Tori Stafford caught us on camera and reviewed Tim’s “Garlic and Natural Pest Control” workshop at Sunnyside Community Garden Saturday June 18th 2011. We got caught in the Spotlight.

Freshest Food on Two Wheels in EMC

Hollie Pratt-Campbell featured Main Street Market’s Freshest Food on Two Wheels in an EMC article.

Farmer Tim Lyon works on seeding some tomatoes, which will be transferred to Main Street Market’s urban gardens later this spring.

Scything in Frontenac This Week

Out at the plowing match an urban farmer practices the lost art of scything with his neice. August 27th we were at the 4th Concession in Joyceville learning from a master. Check out a reader’s photo of a plow and rider and an article on the Frontenac County Plowing Match.

Main Street Market at Chilifest, on Fly FM and in EMC

Fly FM phoned Tim of Main Street Market for a live interview in the Family Matters segment of the Breakfast club Monday July 19th, 8:45 am. They asked about the L.C.V.I. Cook’s Internship students’ responses to gardening, and advice for new home gardeners. L.C.V.I. won Best Ethnic chili 2009. Listen to the MP3: FlyFMinterview.lite check out: and

Oak Street Garden on Deconstructing Dinner

Jon Steinman of Deconstructing Dinner visited Oak Street Garden with local food activist and teacher Andrew McCann. Main Street Market has been helping establish Kingston’s largest and fastest-growing community garden at this site which the City has committed to food production. Jon comments on his site

Many forms of urban agriculture have existed for thousands of years. City dwellers growing food in backyards or on windowsills are essentially farming in the city. As practical and environmentally responsible as growing food within a city can be, the art of gardening has seemingly disappeared in many urban settings. As current farming practices are proving to be unsustainable in the long-term, urban agriculture is looked upon by many as being a critical shift that needs to take place if we are to ensure a level of food security in the near and distant future.

Contributing to expanding urban agriculture in Kingston, Main Street Market practices food production with the level of attentiveness demanded by gardening. Yet, on our decentralized urban farm, our practices are informed by all forms of farming. Contact us and come visit sometime–there are many ways to get involved. Browse our site for more on Internships, Landshare, Eating the Freshest Food, and Growing with us.