2015 Croplist

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Arugula, Asian Greens, Basil (Genovese, Thai, Purple), Beets (5 varieties), Bitter Melon, Organic Slicing Beans, French Filet Green Beans & Yellow Beans (2 varieties/ea), Broccoli*, Cabbage (red & green), Carrots (orange, purple, white, yellow), Cauliflower*, Celery, Cilantro, Cucumber (slicing, lemon, pickling), Cut flowers, Dill, Eggplant, Fennel, Garlic, Garlic Greens, Garlic Scapes, Green Onions, Ground Cherries, Hot Peppers, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lemongrass, Leeks, Lemon Basil, Lettuce (several varieties), Mint, Onions (red & yellow), Oregano, Parsley, Parsnips, Rosemary, Sage, Melons (3 varieties), Peas, Peppers (sweet & hot), Potatoes (early white&red), Pumpkin, Radishes, Rhubarb, Rosemary, Sage, Shiitake mushrooms, Shiso, Spinach, Sprouts (several types), Summer Squash, Sunchokes (red & white), Sunflower shoots, Swiss Chard (several colours), Tarragon, Thyme, Cherry Tomatoes, Heritage Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Turnip, Winter Squash (several varieties) and Zucchini. And more…

NB: some items are being grown for Wintershares. We don’t guarantee every item will make it to every share. If you want a particular item, please let us know. *trialing in 2015